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The Friends of Middle Eastern Music Association (FOMEMA) is an association formed to promote interaction between the Santa Barbara community and the UCSB Middle East Ensemble, explore ways in which the Ensemble can support the larger community in the presentation of Middle Eastern culture, and ways in which the community can support the Ensemble's goals of an expanded role at UCSB for study and research in Middle Eastern music and culture.

Since 1994, FOMEMA has actively aided the UCSB Middle East Ensemble's endeavors in a variety of ways. One example is the fellowships offered to three students for study at the week-long Mendocino Middle Eastern Music and Dance Workshop. The Board also helps to sell ads for the printed programs that we hand out at our concerts, provides refreshments during intermissions, and continues to raise money to help pay for guest artists, teachers, costumes, and other expenses that arise.

How to become a member of FOMEMA
The Board of the Friends of Middle Eastern Music Association invites you to become a member of the Association. Members receive quarterly mailings describing upcoming concerts by the UCSB Middle East Ensemble and by other
related performing groups.

Membership contributions are $25 (members), $50 (donors), $100 (contributors), $250 (sponsors), $500 (benefactors), and $1000 (patrons). All contributions are tax deductible. Please write your check to UC Regents/Middle East Ensemble.

Please fill out this form (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and download this form to your computer) and mail it with your contribution to:
FOMEMA, c/o Dr. Scott Marcus, Music Dept., UCSB Santa Barbara, CA 93106.

Adobe Acrobat For a free copy of Acrobat, please visit this link to download the software and install it.

FOMEMA has a Board of Directors consisting of the following members:
Scott Marcus, President
William Yacoub, Treasurer
Nancy E. Currey, Secretary
Voula Aldrich
Naomi Avedikian
Juan E. Campo
Magda Campo
Koorosh Haghighat-Kish
Galal El Kholy
Dwight Reynolds
Nagwa Sadek
Ihsan Saib
Sabina Saib
Ata Shirazi
Madeleine Tchejeyan
Dolores M. Hsu, Ex-Officio
Gary A. Greinke, Ex-Officio


Umm Kulthum Music Fellowship
A fellowship called the Umm Kulthum Music Fellowship has been established to further Support the Ensemble in its various endeavors. Contributions to Fellowship are tax deductible. For information, please contact Leslie Gray at (805) 893-4193, or (805) 893-3660, or at

The Habib Amin Kurani Memorial Fellowship
Mrs. Esther T. Kurani established the Habib Amin Kurani Memorial Fund in August 1996 in support of UCSB's Ethnomusicology Program in Ethnomusicology. Habib Amin Kurani (1904-1983) was a Professor at the American University of Beirut for 47 years.

    Contact UCSB MEE
Dr. Scott Marcus c/o Music Department
UCSB - University of California Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
To inquire about booking the UCSB MEE for an event,
please contact Scott Marcus at
Cell Phone: (805) 729-6453

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