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1994 CD/Booklet 1995 CD/Booklet 1996 CD
1994 CD1994 CD/Booklet

1. Sama`i Farahfaza
2. Nay Taqasim
3. Ya Hilalan
4. Ya Ghusna Naqa
5. Longa Riyad
6. Dulab Habib
7. Yesilim
8. Il Hilwa Di
9. Ya Salat iz-Zayn
10. Yahlaylah Yahlaylah
11. Chinar-ess
12. Khoda-e-Asman
13. Siko Horepse Kukli Mou
14. Tamr al-Hinna'
15. Miserlou
16. Ah Ya Zayn/Ayyub

(*) Also in cassette.

1995 CD 1995 CD/Booklet

1. Sama`i Rast
2. Nay Taqasim
3. Leh Ya Banafsig
4. Violin Taqasim
5. Wi-n-Nabi Yamma
6. Ya Man La`ibat Bihi sh-Shamulu
7. Layali/Mawwal
8. Til`it Ya Mahla Nur-ha
9. Rampi Rampi
10. Hicaz Ilahi
11. Anar Anar
12. Im Chinari Yara
13. il-'Alb Ya`shiq Kull Gamil
14. Hibbina
15. `Ud taqasim
16. Drum Solo
17. Tutah

(*) Also in cassette.

1996 CD1996 CD (Accompanying booklet not yet ready):

Persian classical music featuring guest artists, Sattar (vocal). Mohamad
Heydari (santur), and Siamak Pouian (zarb):
1. Pishdaramad-e Shur 3:28
2. Ashk 4:23
3. Chahar Mezrab 4:09

Arab art music:
4. Sama`i Bayyati 5:57*
5. `ud taqasim (James Ismail) 5:38
6. Billadhi Askara 3:01*

Greek music:
7. Oso Varun Ta Sidhera 2:49

Armenian music featuring guest artist John Belizikjian (`ud, vocal):
8. Seghan E Arad 2:59*
9. Siroon Aghchig 3:46
10. Goojn Ara, Kana Kana, and Es Kisher 3:02*

Simsimiyyah music from the Suez Canal region:
11. Mata Ya Kiram 2:59

Turkoman music from Kirkuk, Iraq:
12. Ewlerinen Ogi Yonja 3:47
13. Helliden Daghlar Qemish 3:32

Turkish saz music:
14. Sut Ictim 3:01
15. Tren Giler 3:06

Turkish karsilima:
16. Anvar 3:21

Modern Arab song and dance pieces:
17. 'Agib 'Agib 4:17*
18. Rhythmic Taqasim 3:23
19. Drum solo 3:48
20. Tutah 0:49

Total Time: 72 minutes
* On these pieces, the Ensemble is joined by special guest Ishmael (qanun).

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The UCSB Department of Music & The UCSB Music Affiliates present "An Evening with the UCSB Middle East Ensemble".

Program recording date & length: 11/22/03 - 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall, University of California, Santa Barbara
Soundscape Series - Order Catalog No.: 3858

Scott Marcus - Director
Alexandra King - Dance Director

beginning time (hour:min:sec.)

1. A Solo Cabaret Dance - featuring Alexandra King - 0:00:45
2. Two Turkish Dances from the Silifke Region of South Central Turkey - 0:06:39
3. A Set of Ottoman Classical & Urban Songs & Improvisations - 0:11:16

a. Gözleri A™ka Gülen - a light classical Turkish song
b. Kanaryam - an Istanbul urban folk song
c. Hariklaki - a Greek urban rebetika song (the last two sharing the same basic melody)

Directed by Sonia Seeman Kanun & vocal solos: Denise Gill
Violin solo: Lillie Gordon Cümbüs solo: Eric Ederer
Greek vocal solo: Voula Aldrich Turkish clarinet solo: Sonia Seeman

4. Lebanese Dabkah Dance - presented in two styles, the first 0:32:00 theatricalized, the second a traditional line dance.
5. Tanavar, An Uzbek Classical Dance in the Ferghana Style - 0:36:18
featuring Guest Dancer Carolyn Krueger


6. An Upper Egyptian Basket Dance - Mizmar solo by Scott Marcus - 0:40:52
7. A Set of Three Sephardic Songs - featuring Andrea Fishman - 0:46:51

a. El Rey de Francia - known in Greece, Morocco, and Turkey violin solo by Hamid Baheri
b. La Cantiga del Fuego - a historical ballad from Salonika, Greece
c. Onde que Tope - a playful love song in the Greek rebetika tradition

8. Two Armenian Dances - a wedding dance and a line dance - 0:59:26
9. `Ala Dal`una - a dabkah-dance song popular among Lebanese, Palestinians, and Syrians. - 1:05:28
Directed by Ken Habib
10. Asmar Ya Asmarani, a popular Egyptian song by `Abd al-Halim Hafiz, featuring Dr. Mohamed Moharram - 1:08:45
11. A Raqs Sharqi Dance Solo - featuring Jatila van der Veen - 1:13:00
Percussion section led by Susan Rudnicki. Violin solo by Hamid Baheri, including the composition, "Ahlam," composed by Georges Lamman [used with permission from Amorfia Productions (

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Seher videoThe Best of Seher: 1995 - 2000

This video contains a compilation of concert performances by Seher (the UCSB Middle East Dance Ensemble) from 1995 - 2000. Performances featured on this video include regional, folk, and classical troupe dances, as well as a belly dance solo by Alexandra King.


White shirtThe UCSB Middle East Ensemble White T-Shirt (on the left) features a drawing by Anoli, a copy of a famous Turkish painting.

Black ShirtThe UCSB Middle East Ensemble Black T-Shirt (on the right) features calligraphy by Mohamed Zakariya, who also did the calligraphy for the USPS "Eid" stamp. The lettering on the T-Shirt says: "The Middle Eastern Music Ensemble of Santa Barbara".

How to Purchase

The CDs/booklets and DVD are available by writing to:
Scott Marcus
Music Department
Santa Barbara, CA 93106 or by calling (805) 893-3261.
Checks should be made out to UC Regents/Middle East Ensemble and sent to the above address.

Please visit RT Productions to purchase T-shirts, VHS and also CDs.

Price and Shipping Information
The cassettes are $10 each; the accompanying booklets are each $15.
The CD is $15.
The DVD is $20.
The VHS is $25.
Please add $5 for shipping and handling per item.

Package Deals Combo Deals
1) Buy a CD + Booklet - get a $5 discount
2) Buy a CD + Booklet + Cassette - get a $10 discount

(*) The accompanying booklet for the 1996 CD is near completion.

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    Contact UCSB MEE
Dr. Scott Marcus c/o Music Department
UCSB - University of California Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
To inquire about booking the UCSB MEE for an event,
please contact Scott Marcus at
Cell Phone: (805) 729-6453
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